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Kick Rocks Creations is my own brand to which I label all of my design and visual work. This website is a domain to display it all in one place and make it easily accessible for me and the world to see. So have a nosey around and I hope you find something you like…




This has always been a passion of mine. Since college I have been obsessed with capturing what I see through a lens, it’s my excuse to travel and I’m constantly striving forward to make my images as good as they can be. I am self taught and the following galleries are from some of my earliest to most recent work, each photo carries memories and stories deeper than the image- so enjoy.



Since I can remember I have always loved to draw, now being at university studying illustration I am trying to turn it into my full time job. This gallery mostly contains my more recent digital work and I hope you can enjoy some of it and follow my journey of progression as I develop my style and practice.


I have always been a mountain man and have loved anything to do with the outdoors. I reflect this in my work and everything I create.